Hello everybody! Hi Doctor Nick! er...I'm not Doctor Nick...

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Hello everybody! Hi Doctor Nick! er...I'm not Doctor Nick...

Post  maeglinhiei on Wed Jul 07, 2010 5:55 pm

Hello everybody! Maeglinhiei/Hiei here saying hello to you all. Figured i might as well introduce myself while i get over how AWESOME it is to have a forum like this for our favourite royal bastard. ^_^

I'm fairly new to Dragon Age, literally having only bought the game on Xbox last month. Managed to finish it and fall head over heels over the darling boy and decided to join his horde of fans on the internet.

Uhm, i haven't done intros in a while. So, er, basics? I'm recently 26, female (mostly. lol) and currently a trauma nurse in the emergency department. Avid gamer, not too hardcore, but i get around RPGs and MMORPGs mostly. Fanfiction writer in other fandoms, but i haven't popped my Dragon Age cherry yet, so i'm waiting for the right kind of inspiration that's fitting for our bastard prince. lol.

Dragon Age : Origins-wise, my main favourite is a a Female Noble Human, Leone Cousland. And yes, i ended up queen through that playthrough. My others are a Female Human mage that i'm shaping up to be a bit of a bitch and a pair of Female and Male City elf Rogues that i made so i could have a rogue playthough.

Recently bought the game for the PC so i've managed to cap our internet downloading heaps of mods for the damn thing and i barely get any sleep in time for my shifts for all the fiddling i've done for the game.

I hope to work with my sister (who i'm playing a tug of war with Alistair. We both want him dang it. But she's falling towards the direction of Zevran lately so i may win yet!) on making a mod, once we get around to figuring out how to make one. I hope to make fanfiction of the Dragon Age flavour sometime soon as well. And more importantly, i'm hoping to have fun with you lovely folks on this cool board!

See you around guys!

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