"That would explain the smell . . . "

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"That would explain the smell . . . "

Post  Elusive Horizon on Thu Mar 18, 2010 6:09 am

Hi my name is Elusive and I have a crush on an NPC . . .
Isn't that how these meetings usually start?

Let's see, where did it all begin? Ah yes, I remember now. I bought Dragon Age as a gift for someone this past Christmas with absolutely NO intention of playing it. I was a hardcore WoW girl, raiding and what not, but then one day I said, "Meh, why not?" I popped in the disc, installed the game and my life was changed forever.

Never have I played a game I fell in love with so quickly. The storyline sucked me in completely and without mercy. I love it. The characters, the places, the concepts . . . all of it fascinates me and engages my imagination. (Enough that I am ordering the books.) Then as I played more, I slowly developed a crush on Alistair much to my chagrin. That has NEVER happened to me before. I liked him right off the bat, 'cause I'm a sucker for the sarcasm, and as you know Alistair has that down pretty well. ("Couldn't you crawl into a bush somewhere and die? That would be great, thanks.”) His whole humor as a defense mechanism is oddly charming. As the game progressed you were able to delve deeper into his personality and as I got to know this complex man, I was lost.

So as I'm sure most of you have, I did all those crazy things, like saving before conversations just to be able to replay the moments at my whim and taking a bazillion screenshots.

About myself? I have a strong love affair with the written and spoken word. I love to write but have not posted anything online as of yet. Imagine my surprise when DA inspired me so much that I have an epic fanfiction in progress. It's currently at 150 pages and is an Alistair/Amell story. (I find the concept of these two together fascinating. I can go on about that, but I won't.) Also while I am writing this epic, I get out short little side stories. I have a seven page song fic I had typed out in an hour. Inspiration.. Got to love the muses.

And what's this? Dragon Age Awakening... my my.. Anders you say? Doesn't he look suspiciously like Alistair and Cailan? Not to mention he acts like Alistair. Me thinks he is another bastard of Maric's, thus being a half brother or full brother to Alistair. Oh the goodies my mind is spinning about a fic here. I've been jotting down notes. Anders I enjoy deeply, but he is no Alistair.

Also I'm rather good with photoshop and can get out some pretty nifty icons, banners, photo manipulations and the like.

I look forward to getting to know all of you. If you're still around that is.

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