I know we just met, but we're in love

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I know we just met, but we're in love

Post  transmogrified on Tue Feb 23, 2010 5:43 am

Hello everyone. So i just recently started playing Dragon Age, but am already head over heals for Alistair. Not really, but I think Bioware did an excellent job on the Alistair character (and the game in general)... His dialogue is quirky and often makes me laugh out loud, his voice acting is superb, hi facial animations make me blush, and he just seems like a real 3-dimensional character that, over time, I've actually grown fond of.

My favorite conversation is between him and the dwarf (can't remember his name), where the dwarf starts talking about "polishing his mace till it shines" and ends with "wait, what you talking about?" - "What are YOU talking about?" I could not stop laughing, was one of those priceless moments in games.

Anyway, glad there are other Alistair fans out there. Now if only i could make Alistair romance-able by male gendered characters. Razz /sigh

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