Just another Alistair fangirl...

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Just another Alistair fangirl...

Post  flyingsnow on Thu Jan 07, 2010 11:47 pm

Name: Ellen, Ellie, Elle or really any other variation on my name... Elle is my current favourite, though.
Age: 18 - yay, I can legally play Dragon Age!
Location: Birmingham, England
Favourite Alistair moment: Ugh... it's like trying to choose my favourite child... okay, okay, right let's go with - giving the rose; gossiping about the other characters; him asking for sex (so cute, sweet and romantic it's untrue); saying goodbye at the castle gates; all idle conversations with Morrigan; all idle conversations with Oghren; all conversations with... oh sod it, everyone. This is what happens when you try and make me pick...

Other hobbies: Reading, writing, watching films, reading Shakespeare, playing computer games, acting, obsessing over fictional characters (usually ones created by Bioware, those terrible, magnificent folk)
A fun fact about you?: I named my mabari Backup, partly as a tribute to the dog of one of my favourite TV characters ever (eternal love to anyone who knows who I'm referring to) and partly because I love the idea of the PC going "It's alright everyone. We have Backup. Backup's coming. Anyone need Backup? Morrigan, stop yelling at my Backup!"
Anything else to declare: I have an account with fanfiction.net, if anyone's interested in seeing what I have up there. Mostly it's Final Fantasy, Star Wars KotOR and I've just started my first Dragon Age fic. It's currently severely lacking in Alistair goodnes, though I already have a chapter centred around him drafted. I'd also like to write a lot more Dragon Age fics, mostly explorations of characters and relationships as that's what I've always been most interested in, though I have far too many ideas none of which are actually very good...


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Re: Just another Alistair fangirl...

Post  tiff_ster on Sat Jan 23, 2010 12:11 am

Hello Elle What a Face

I think I will check out ur ff.net page one of these days Smile


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