BioWare fangirl reporting in!

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BioWare fangirl reporting in!

Post  Aryss on Sun Dec 27, 2009 10:41 pm

From Kotor to Mass Effect and now Dragon Age...*hangs head in shame*.

Name:Réka (pronounce as Ray-ca)
Favourite Alistair moment:
* Wynne: Alistair, what's this?
* Alistair: It's a sock?
* Wynne: It's a filthy sock. How did it find its way to my bedroll?
* Alistair: Maybe it likes you? Socks are sneaky like that. Anyway, it's not mine.
* Wynne: It has your name stitched on it.
* Alistair: Oh. Ha, ha. Ha. Part of templar training, back at the Chantry. The men were... always getting their socks mixed up. Anyway, uh, sorry about that. I'll take it from you right now. One of my socks is feeling a little damp anyway. A change would be nice.
* Wynne: You're going to put it on? It's filthy!
* Alistair: And dry. We're not exactly traveling in the lap of luxury here.
* Wynne: What hideous habits you've picked up.

Other hobbies:When I have the time I write, take pictures and then edit them. I make avatars and small animations. I also collect things like...DVDs and pictures. And I read a lot. Throw a book at me and I'll hand it back to you in two-three days.
A fun fact about you?: I like telling stories and changing my voice to make people laugh.
Anything else to declare: I love cheese and red hair. Nuff' said.

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