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I started playing DA:O about maybe a week ago. I'd heard a of people talk about how great it was, and since I loved Knights of the Old Republic, I figured it was worth a shot. Before my boyfriend went back to Chicago for law school a couple weeks ago, he lent me the game for the 360. I'm still in the midst of my first play-through as female Cousland and of course loving it (I'm currently in Orzammar), and due to my newfound fan-girlishness and the internets, I've kind of accidentally and not so accidentally read a lot of spoilers. Aaaanyway...Alistair, zomg. Sweet, awkward, funny, romantic, virginal, and super hot? Yea. Sold.
Damn you, BioWare, for making the perfect guy completely unattainable! Evil or Very Mad

Name: Juliana
Age: 24
Location: California, USA
Favourite Alistair moment: "Mmm...wet frocks," obviously. Also, um, pretty much every time he talks, amirite gaiz?

Other hobbies: I love video games for sure. Cooking, traveling (or rather wanting to travel), good books, great movies, awesome music, the internets, kick-backs, sushi, etc. I really don't want to put shopping as a hobby, but I lovez it. Embarassed

A fun fact about you?: I'm fun! <--Fact.

Anything else to declare: My name is Juliana and I'm an Alistairaholic. Also, I play World of Warcraft. Why is Orzammar exactly like Ironforge? Oh, dwarves and their lava.


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