Forbidden Desire, updated Dec. 1st

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Forbidden Desire, updated Dec. 1st

Post  Traxits on Mon Nov 30, 2009 7:06 pm

Title: Forbidden Desire
Rating: T or M. I tend to rate high, but it's not smutty or anything. ... Yet. There will be a smut warning if it boils down to that.
Pairing: Alistair/Amell(fem!mage PC)
Word Count: Forbidden is up to 7626 words, while Desire is at 7207 words. These word counts are different from's because they exclude the header section at the top.
Spoilers: Only up to Lothering, thus far. As the story progresses, I'll update where the spoilers are.
Author's Note: In case anyone doesn't already know, this is a dual fanfic project. Forbidden is entirely from Amell's POV, while Desire is only from Alistair's. They go together however because the chapter's correspond with one another. Example, chapter one is about their first meeting, but if you want Alistair's take on it, you read Desire, Chapter 1. For Amell's views, you read Forbidden, Chapter 1. My apologies for the clunky explanation, but I can't think of a more eloquent way to word it!

Forbidden - Love between a mage and a templar is always forbidden; she knew that, had learned it long ago. However, from first she saw him, she felt her world beginning to shift. Companion story to Desire. Faedra Amell's POV.
{One || Two || Three || Four }

Desire - Mages and Templars are forbidden to be with one another, and from first he saw of her, she disliked him. He wanted only to earn her trust, but when something else begins to blossom, he must make a choice. Companion story to Forbidden. Alistair's POV.
{One || Two || Three || Four }

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