Another Lost Soul...

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Another Lost Soul...

Post  Odie on Wed Nov 18, 2009 7:01 pm

My name is Odie. I stumbled into the Swooper Support System* via lurking on the now-closed Bioware form thread, but I've posted a lot of livejournal (username: odiedragon)

I live in a small town about 30 minutes NW of Madison, WI, married to my Alistair-eqsue husband. He's different, of course, but there are definitely elements there (the same way that Morrigan and I have more in common than I care to admit!)

I simply cannot BELIEVE how attached I've become to this game and its characters. I need an intervention, seriously. It's the inspiration material, it has to be. A Song of Ice and Fire is my greatest literary love, but goddammit, no one there ever personally gave me a rose that was saved from the touch of the Others. Sad

I just plugged in my IPod for the first time since starting to play. Maker save me from my sappy self! Razz

Looking forward to meeting more fellow lost souls on here! Wink

*The not-so-Slient Sisters, perhaps?

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